Birthday congratulations

There are some people who actually hate their birthdays and instead of going to celebrate with their family and friends, spend this day hiding in their apartment. These characters would probably appreciate it if the people surrounding them would forget this day is any different from other days of the year. Or at least pretend to have forgotten it and stop bothering them with birthday congratulations. I know a few people who even turn off their phone on their birthday so nobody could reach them! However, for most of us birthday congratulations are important. It shows us that we are remembered and loved; it brightens our mood and makes that day really special. We may say “oh, don’t even think about it, everything’s fine”, when somebody apologizes us for forgetting to congratulate us or doing it to late, but the truth is, it actually might be pretty hurtful. And the closer people are for us, the more we expect that for them this day would be just as special as for you.
In order to show that they care about us people don’t have to buy us expensive presents. Sometimes it is enough to hear nice, heartwarming birthday congratulations said eye-to-eye or to get a card. However, we all know that coming up with really special words for somebody’s birthday is not as simple as it might seem from the first sight. No matter how well you know the person, no matter how close he is to you, when it comes to birthday congratulations sometimes we just don’t know what to say. All our eloquence and imagination suddenly disappears and we find ourselves blankly staring at the piece of paper. To help you in this situation, we created this website. We hope that one of the wishes you will find bellow will suit you just perfect!
May your dreams glow just as bright as the candles on your cake and may they all come true. Happy birthday!
The hours and days we have spent together are among my dearest memories. I will always be thankful for whoever is responsible for our paths have crossed. Hope this day will be really special to you, best wishes!
Enjoy your special day and remember that I’m thinking about you, wishing you all the best all day long! I feel very lucky you are my friend and hope I’ll get the chance to send you birthday greetings for years to some!
I’m sending you thousands of hugs and kisses and wishing you a spectacular day. May the sky above your head is always bright and may all your dreams come true!
Congratulations! Have a great party and don’t forget to raise the glass for me as I’ll sure be raising one for you. Hope this day will be full of pleasant surprises!
I can’t imagine how cold and boring my life would be without your worm heart and crazy ideas. I could not tell you how glad I am you were born and came along my way. Best wishes, may your life be filled with joy and success!